Frozen fruit (IQF)


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Frozen fruit (IQF)

Pineapple : sliced , chunks, tidbits ,diced 10 mm

Red papaya : red papaya diced 10 mm, chunks, ball shapes

Mixed diced fruit : pineapple , red papaya, guava, cantaloupe

Tropical  fruit stick : pineapple, red papaya, guava, cantaloupe

Mango variety Nam Dok Mai : diced  10 mm, diced 15 mm, chunks 20-25 mm

Mango variety Kaew : diced 10 mm, diced 15 mm, chunks 20-25 mm

Guava : chunks, diced 10 mm, diced 15 mm

Cantaloupe : ball shapes, chunks, diced 10 mm

Latundan bananas  (variety Namwa) : sliced, whole

Cavendish bananas (variety Hom Thong) : sliced , whole

Rambutan : whole

Lychee : whole

Durian : with seed , without seed


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