Our Brand
The brand 'BALA' has been used for canned foods since the estabilishment of Bonanza Int'l Corp., Taipei Taiwan R.O.C. It is named after Mr. Bala Chow, the founder of the company.
'PRESIDENT' brand is always used to promote over-stocked at very competitive prices. In certain markets it is used as a second brand to 'BALA' 
'BONANZA' was introduced into the market to reflect the strength and expansion of our Bonanza Group Company. The name 'BONANZA' provides for easier recognition among our buyers, and it represents the best in the range of our products.
This brand concentrates on Thai specialties such as exotic Thai sauces, fragrant rice, and other oriental foodstuffs. It is named after our M.D. Mr. Preston Cheng.
Occasionally used for special promotion on off-specification products.
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