Bonanza Group Of Companies is one of the leading and most reputable trading firms of food products with multiplicity of buyers from all four corners of the world.

The range of foods we deal in is as diversified as our buyers themselves are. Ours is a typical success story.
Realizing that Taiwan has one of the richest untapped food resources, Bala Chow founded a trading firm, Bonanza International Corp., in Taipei. The firm has served as an indispensable link between buyers abroad and local food manufacturers. Little did he realize that within a matter of years, Bonanza Taipei would grow from strength to strength to become the dominant force in the food industry. 
The firm’s annual turnover soared to an unprecedented height. This enormous success prompted the establishing of a second Bonanza company, Thai Bonanza International Corporation Ltd., in Thailand in 1981 guided by the shrewdness and ingenuity of Preston Cheng, Thai Bonanza International Corporation  Ltd., has now emerged as one of the leading firms in Thailand,  specializing  in canned/frozen/dehydrated/pouch bag/glass jar/plastic cup/tetra pak  fruits e.g. pineapples, papaya, tropical fruits, vegetables e.g. baby corn, sweet corn, green bean , seafood products e.g. tuna, sardine, mackerel, oyster, shrimp, crab, snail, clam, cereal grains such as rice, including noodle , rice stick, rice vermicelli, tapioca flour, rice flour, curry paste, sauce, fruit and vegetable juice, coconut milk, coconut water etc. 
Furthermore, Thai Bonanza International Corp., Ltd. provides a large range of high quality products , including Thai and Asian foods and miscellaneous products from Thailand and neighboring countries.

In order to expand our trading service to cover other Asian cuisines with further variety of food & fruits. We opened three more Bonanza companies. In 1992, our Jakarta office was set up, followed by Bonanza China in year 2007 and Bonanza Vietnam in year 2009.

Aside from branching through Asia, we established a Bonanza office in U.K. in 1992 as our import gateway to serve the growing European market.
We also have the representative in South Africa which business is growing rapidly. More Bonanza companies and representatives are expected to be opened in other countries in the very near future.

All Bonanza companies operate autonomously and yet in close co-operation to obtain the deal that is mutually rewarding to both buyers and food manufacturers. We have taken meticulous care in dealing only with reliable food manufacturers with efficient and modern quality control department. Additionally all goods are regularly inspected to ensure strict conformance to our buyers specifications.

Today our brands “Bala” and “President” are well known throughout the world and often synonymous with quality products at reasonable prices.  Our “Bonanza” brand provides for our Bonanza  group company and “Uncle Cheng” brand provides for exotic Thai sauces, fragrant rice, and other oriental foodstuffs.
Our Brand
The brand 'BALA' has been used for canned foods since the estabilishment of Bonanza Int'l Corp., Taipei Taiwan R.O.C. It is named after Mr. Bala Chow, the founder of the company.
'PRESIDENT' brand is always used to promote over-stocked at very competitive prices. In certain markets it is used as a second brand to 'BALA'                
'BONANZA' was introduced into the market to reflect the strength and expansion of our Bonanza Group Company. The name 'BONANZA' provides for easier recognition among our buyers, and it represents the best in the range of our products.
This brand concentrates on Thai specialties such as exotic Thai sauces, fragrant rice, and other oriental foodstuffs. It is named after our M.D. Mr. Preston Cheng.
Occasionally used for special promotion on off-specification products.
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